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Located 4 Miles N. of Polaris Pkwy at 5404 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, OH 43035


Based in Columbus, we offer  the highest quality premium colored mulch.

Our mulch is all organic from woody plant material. Recycled trees only. No pallets or lumber. Environmentally safe. 

Pricing and Delivery

1 yard of fine tri fine ultra processed dyed safe black organic safe color enhanced (our best seller) - $30.00 per cu/yd. 

1 yard of fine tri fine ultra processed dyed chocolate brown organic safe color enhanced- $30.00 per cu/yd

Dyed mulches ideally require 24 hours after being spread without rain on it in order for the dye to set on the mulch and not be at risk of washing off.

1 yard of unscreened woodchips- 20.00 per cu/yd

1 yard of playground mulch- 30.00 per cu/yd Used at parks and school playgrounds

1 yard of pulverized topsoil- $30.00 per cu/yd

Add $80 for delivery up to 30 yards. 6 cu/yd minimum for any and all deliveries

*** 6 yard minimum on ALL deliveries. You are welcome to pick up less than 6 yards at our location *

Menards and Home Depot rent pick up trucks by the hour if you would like to pick up less than 6 yards

****Save $5 per yard on cash pick up on mulch****

The $80 delivery charge ONLY applies to Powell, Dublin, Lewis Center, Westerville, Worthington, Ostrander, Delaware, Columbus-43235 only,  Sunbury and Galena.

Please do not ask the drivers to drive through a yard or field to dump the load into your garden or backyard. Trucks cannot drive across yards or fields. Feel free to arrange your own trucking / hauling if you want to attempt to have the load dropped in a spot other than your driveway, parking lot or street. 

Please note that we cannot schedule requests for certain times of day on any of the trucks or deliveries. Deliveries may be sent out as early as 7:00 AM in the morning or as late as 8:00 PM in the afternoon. If you need the product for use in the morning or early afternoon, it's best that you schedule it to be delivered the day ahead of needed use.

It is not possible to have 2 separate products delivered on the same load without them getting mixed together. If there is a certain part of the driveway where you would like the load dumped, please place a tarp there otherwise we will dump at our discretion. 

****If you are out of normal local delivery area. Please call for a competitive delivery quote****

Pick up at 5404 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, OH 43035 

Call or text 614-369-2149