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Based in Columbus, we offer one of the highest quality premium colored mulch.

Our mulch is all organic from woody plant material. No pallets or lumber.

What is a Yard of Mulch?

What is a Yard?

  • The dimension of a cubic yard is 3'x 3' x 3' for a total of 27 cubic feet.

                               1 Scoop = 1 cu/yd.

How do I know I am delivered the correct number of cubic yards?

  • Each of our loaders is equipped with a certified 1 yard bucket.

  • Our one yard bucket will fill four and one half 6 cubic foot capacity wheelbarrows.

  • Our drivers utilize a counting method installed on the loader to ensure their count is accurate.

  • Our company policy states that if a driver loses count he is to error in favor of the customer.